What is Entrepreneur’s Resource Room-001

What can you expect from Entrepreneur’s Resource Room podcast?

We will focus on three main areas:
  1. Useful content from the leading minds in business.

  2. Digital marketing of your business…. what works and what doesn’t.

  3. We will consistently profile the businesses of our listeners and facilitate networking.

Do you suffer from shelf-help? That’s when you buy the latest self-help book that’ll totally turn you and your business around and after reading the first three chapters it ends up helping- your-shelf look full! No worries, we will comb through the major principles of the best books together. Have you spent a MONSTROUS amount of MONEY or THRIFTLESS TIME on your website and online advertising with little to nothing to show for it? Stay tuned in cause we’ll address that too! We LOVE building relationships among entrepreneurs here at City Centre so listen in as we invite entrepreneur’s onto the show to discuss their vision, passion, and drive. Who knows? Maybe you can connect with your next strategic partner!  

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